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Here it comes!

Welcome to Shattered Glass! Stories of extraordinary women breaking the glass ceiling. :::glass breaking sound here:::

We're SO pumped to bring shattered glass to your ear buds. We were pretty heart broken on November 9, so we're gonna do something about it! Show the world all of the ways that women are killing it in every industry.

In the coming days/weeks/months/years Monica (that's me!) and Marita are going to sit down with women who are in some form of leadership who are breaking the glass ceilings that attempt to hold them down.

How this is going to work: On our website we'll give you a little sneaky peek of who is coming up for interviews and you can go right over to that side bar and submit any question in the world that you have for them! We'll pick listener questions every week - I hope you'll submit some doozies. That's why we're here!

At the bottom of our site's page you can also submit ideas of who you'd like to have us interview! Any contact info for that person is greatly appreciated. We're looking forward to encouraging all of you in your journeys to the top - whether you're a woman on a mission or a man lending a hand. Thank you for all of your support! Here we goooo!

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