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#5: Chef Jamilka Borges

Monica Hershberger (co-host), Jamilka Borges (executive chef at spoon), Marita Garrett (co-host)

Jamilka Borges, Executive Chef of Spoon

Jamilka Borges, Executive Chef at Spoon & BRGR, is the reason people of Pittsburgh are ordering Mofongo for brunch instead of a western omelette. Her creativity in the kitchen has propelled her into celebrity chef-hood as a semifinalist for the James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year. We talk cooking styles, kitchen culture, skills you need to be an executive chef (there are so many!), and the role women are taking in the rise of killer restaurants. And can you guess what her favorite spice to use is!?

And last time you listened, Marita was running her mayoral campaign and the primaries were just around the corner.. hold onto your hats! Find out who is going to make Wilkinsburg great again!

May 22, 2018 Update: Congrats to Jamilka for being named Pittsburgh Magazine's Chef of the year! Click to read about it!

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