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#2 Christine Haas - The Midwife Center

Women's healthcare could use some help, wouldn't you agree? More American women are dying of pregnancy-related complications than any other developed country. That isn't right. Monica and Marita sit down with Christine Haas, to learn all about The Midwife Center in Pittsburgh, PA - the largest freestanding birthing center in the country! Christine is the Executive Director of the Midwife Center and she's got the full scoop on what the heck a Midwife center even is and how they're entirely focused on making maternal health better for all of us. What we were especially excited about this place is the ways that they're empowering women to care for their whole selves!

If you aren't local to the Pittsburgh region, there are so many around the country! Visit the American Association of Birth Centers website to find a birthing center near you.

Music by Anthony LaMarca

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