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Welcome to Shattered Glass Podcast

We may not be the Shattered Glass Podcast you expected to find, but we're glad you're here! Thanks for visiting. You may notice that we're on a hiatus... if you listened to our last episode, you'll know that we had a new member of the team join us juuuuust before the pandemic began - Monica had a baby! So needless to say, recording in her attic became a little trickier. We are, however, excited to think through what the future of Shattered Glass holds.

And now that we have your attention, why don't we give you a little primer on some of the episodes we have to share! Here are some faves:

Get Political

This series came about from our early conversations about who to interview and what to talk about. We all have an interest in politics, particularly those of the local persuasion. (Hello Marita!) So we dreamed up this mini-series called Get Political! A guide to getting involved in local politics:

Our Favorite Episodes

It's hard to narrow down our favorite episodes because each one was such a learning experience! We intentionally centered this podcast around the assets that women bring to the table instead of stumbling blocks they happen upon because well... we're bored with talking about stumbling blocks! Women are too interesting, strong, and powerful to focus on all of that garbage. So here are a few women who wowed us with their brilliance, confidence, and magnetism:

CNN Political Commentator & Former National Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders

And now we can say, "I knew her when!". Symone is a POWERHOUSE who at the ripe old age of 25 was the National Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. And now she's the chief spokesperson and a senior advisor for Vice President Kamala Harris. Phew! Way to go, Symone.

In this conversation, James Beard award winning chef, Jamilka Borges talks all about the demands of being a chef and the skills it takes to make it happen. Plus she dreams a little about her future.. which we can now confirm includes a beautiful little spot called Wild Child. (and it's just like she described in the interview!)

Writer on This is Us and Queen Sugar

Kay Oyegun has writing credits for This is Us, Queen Sugar, and soon a biopic about the remarkable story of our shero, Angela Davis. Monica and Marita chatted with Kay about her move from Nigeria to the US, how she’s going to get more women in the writer’s room with her, and her favorite character to write for on This is Us!

Happy listening!

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