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Get Political! 2 Find Your Roots: a Guide to Grassroots Strategy

After you decide to run, next comes the grassroots strategy! We get the inside scoop from amazing people who have worked behind the scenes on local, state, and national campaigns. We talk to campaign strategists including Jessica Byrd (who worked on Stacey Abrams’ campaign!), Kelsey Shannon, Keyva Clark, and Matt Merriman-Preston (Our first interview with a MAN is on this episode!) who have some helpful tips for getting your campaign started right!

This episode features:

Keyva Clark - Communications Analyst for the City of Pittsburgh

Matt Merriman-Preston - Owner of Ampersand Consulting

Kelsey Shannon - Political & Government Affairs Consultant at The Carey Group

Jessica Byrd - Founder and Chief Doer at Three Point Strategies

Matt Merrima0Preston

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