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Get Political! 1: How and Why to Run for Office

Get Political! Episode 1: How and Why to Run for Office

Did you know that statistically, women are more likely to have their legislation passed? Get ready to learn from experts on how and why YOU should run for office (or at least support quality feminists to do so.) Welcome to the Get Political! Miniseries - episode 1 focuses on the HOW and the WHY, and we hear from experts including Anne Wakabayashi, Dr. Jennie Sweet-Cushman, Valerie McDonald Roberts, and Megan Winters - aka women who are working behind the scenes to get people like YOU into office.

Learn more about our experts:

Anne Wakabayashi, Former Executive Director of Emerge PA

Current Alumnae Director of @EmergeAmerica

Dr. Jennie Sweet-Cushman,

Assistant Director & Assistant Professor of Political Science @ Pennsylvania Center for Women & Politics

Valerie McDonald Roberts, Chief Urban Affairs Officer, Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Megan Winters, Deputy Political Director at Tom Wolf for Governor

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