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Special Episode: Vote in the Primary 2018 edition!

It's that time of year again that we have the civic duty of voting in the primaries! Why is this important? Well, because there are a lot of strong women full of integrity and grit that are running for office and they need your help to get there! In Pennsylvania, the primaries fall on May 15, so we decided to seek out women running for an elected positions to share their thoughts on being a woman on the campaign trail. Spoiler alert: being a woman rules, especially when ladies are helping ladies get into office! Get ready to hear from Summer Lee, Sara Innamorato, Lindsey Williams, Stephanie Walsh, and Ashley Comans who all share their two cents on running for office and how you can get involved! Not sure who is running in your area or if you're registered? Check out the League of Woman Voters guide at for some guidance.

Info below on each campaign.

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